21st Century
Tools for Success

Never before have we had so many exciting tools for success available to us! It’s truly an exciting time to set goals and create the life you really want to live!

Because my passion and profession is helping others succeed in their personal and professional lives, I'd like to share some information about some uniquely 21st Century tools for success.

Many of the top questions I receive as a professional coach and career consultant revolve around the topic of career success, and How to Create the Life You Really Want:

  • How Can I Find Meaningful Work?
  • How Can I Make Money Doing What I Love?
  • How Can I Quit My Job And Work For Myself?
  • How Can I Work From Home?
  • How Can I Start My Own Business On A Budget?

I fully believe the key to career success is doing meaningful work that brings balance to all areas of a person’s life.

The work we do in the world is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in.

Too often people get stuck in the rut of staying in a job that pays the bills, but creates inner conflict, dread, and depression. These things tend to take a big chunk of liveliness from their being.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way! Working for yourself is a great approach to financial and emotional fulfillment, especially in today’s modern world of 21st century work.

In today’s world, working for yourself is not limited to starting up a business with big loans, lots of products, employees, and financial risk. The information age has absolutely changed the structure of the way the world does business.

Today's Cutting-Edge Business Tools for Success

Today’s world of work is a global network of businesses offering products, services, and information at the click of a button. I’m continually amazed (and excited!) about the creativity and profitability of ecommerce.


I remember snickering a few years ago at the idea of renting movies from an online video store. It sounded cumbersome and ridiculous. Well, I can honestly say I haven’t been to a video store for a couple of years now! With the click of a button, I can watch movie trailers, read reviews, set up a list of movies, and have them delivered to my door every few days, postage free, with no due dates or late fees. Cool. Simple. Ingenious.

Because more and more people are turning to the internet to do their everyday business, there are endless opportunities for self-employment and career success, not only by providing products and services, but also by providing information.

Providing information is in fact one of the largest aspects of 21st century work. Many people market their skills and expertise through the internet via business networking. Online business networking is ideal for portfolio careers, and can help you market yourself to the right companies.

Another growing area is that of infopreneurism. Becoming an infopreneur offers endless possibilities for breaking into ecommerce, and it's available to virtually anyone with access to a computer.

Infopreneurs provide information on just about everything you can dream up an internet search for. There is opportunity for unlimited subjects, and the monetary investment and risk is extremely low, making it a viable option for just about anyone! Best of all, it can be done part time from home without inventories and other expensive investments.

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