Achieving Your Goals


Are you headed for success?

Achieving Your Goals

These simple steps for achieving your goals will help you avoid common success mistakes and put you on the fast track to living the life you really want to live!

Define What You Want

Always start the goal-setting process by defining what you want. When naming your goals, make sure they are clear, purposeful, and well-defined.

What Do You Want?
Be specific! Imagination is a powerful tool. Make sure you take the time to vividly imagine every aspect of your what you want – then put your definitions onto paper.

Why Is It Important To You?
Achieving your goals is easier when they have personal relevance. Make sure your aim is something you want for yourself – people-pleasing is rarely successful in the long run!

Is this a short-term or long-term goal?
If it is a long-term goal, be sure to include short-term goals to help you reach the big one!

How Will You Know When You Get It?
Is your goal measurable? Make your success easy to gauge by quantifying your outcomes.

Create an Action Plan

Your action plan is your best success map! Create it with as much detail as you need, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments when called for. Make sure you list both relevant and related tasks. Even the smallest things count!

What specific things do you need to succeed?
Itemize the tools, knowledge, and resources you will need to succeed. If you need resources that are not immediately available to you, brainstorm how you can either acquire them or compensate for them.

What obstacles will you need to overcome?
Sometimes our greatest obstacles are emotional ones. Make sure to address any emotional roadblocks that could lead to self-sabotage, such as fear, procrastination, and lack of ambition.

How often will you work on specific activities?
It’s important to develop a time line that outlines necessary activities and the time you intend to devote to them. Deciding when and how often allows you to stay focused and effectively measure your progress.

Begin the process today!
Commit to doing something every day, no matter how small. Replace unproductive activities such as watching tv with simple, productive activities that keep you focused on your tasks and outcomes.

More Tips

Chunk it down.
When you create an action plan for achieving your goals, it's important to break larger goals into smaller steps. This can keep you focused and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Use positive language.
Never underestimate the power of language - frame your intentions with positive statements!

Write your goals down.
It’s easier to avoid vagueness when you write your intentions on paper. Another great advantage to writing out your goals is that you can post them in an area where they are readily visible on a daily basis. Finally, you can easily make adjustments or refinements as needed, instead of keeping track of them in you head.

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