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Affordable fountains are great self-care tools for enhancing everyday living.


Adding an indoor waterfall to your home, office, garden, or backyard is a perfect way to create a tranquil atmosphere that can help you relieve stress and provide you with a greater sense of inner peace.

Additionally, an affordable fountain can jazz up your living space by creating positive energy and interest in almost any area of your choice through unique visual and sound effects.

The sound (and sight) of flowing water is a highly attractive and mesmerizing force.

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Babbling brooks, ocean waves, and cascading waterfalls are some of the most sought-after attractions when we step out of the hustle and bustle of our modern world.

Flowing water has the innate power to transform our moods and energy levels.

For many of us, our responsibilities and hectic schedules keep us from taking time out on a regular basis to enjoy time in nature, or take much-needed vacations.

Creating a small area of sacred space with an affordable fountain in your home, office, or backyard can help you take a well-deserved break from the pressures of modern life.

Negative Ions Create Positive Effects!

The secret of flowing water is its ability to produce large quantities of negative ions in the air.

This process occurs when molecules are broken apart by various natural forces (including falling water), and produce a molecule that has excess electrons.

The extra electrons can then attract foreign particles (such as dust and other pollutants). The extra weight then causes the molecule to fall to the ground.

The presence of high concentrations of negative ions is believed to have calming effects on people and animals and increase oxygen intake and increase serotonin levels.

Benefits of Adding an Affordable Fountain
to Your Home, Office, or Garden

  • The sound of running water has a natural calming effect
  • Indoor waterfalls make beautiful art pieces that add a unique feel to your personal space
  • Cascading water produces negative ions, which help cleanse the air of pollutants and recharge the body and mind, resulting in improved mood and increased energy
  • The sound of flowing water can mask undesirable background noises such as traffic and electronics
  • Running water provides natural humidity
  • Indoor waterfalls make excellent meditation tools
  • You can purchase affordable fountains beginning at about $40

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