Is Work Draining You?

When to Consider a Career Change

The following key questions can help you decide whether or not it's time to consider a career change:

  • Are you bored, miserable, or fed-up with your day job?
  • Does your work leave you stressed-out and exhausted?
  • Do you dread going to work each day?
  • Are you working hard but getting nowhere?

Unfortunately many people feel trapped in jobs that do not nourish their lives, but instead, leave them burned out, resentful, and full of dread and apathy about waking up each morning. This can take a huge toll on one’s physical and emotional health.

But how do you know it's really time to consider something as monumental as a career change? Temporary dissatisfaction is a normal part of any career. But when dissatisfaction is severe and prolonged, you may want to weigh the likelihood of long-term improvement against the possibility of finding something more satisfying.

Is A Career Change Right For You?

If you are unhappy with the way things are, you have 2 choices:

change the situation
change your attitude

Make sure you explore these 2 options without the veil of deceit!

Ask yourself if change is likely to happen. Remember, if the situation is beyond your control, change will be slow or unlikely to happen.

And consider the following:

Why People Stay In Jobs
That Keep Them Miserable

  • They perceive change as being more painful than staying in their current situation (based on fear)
  • They deceive themselves into thinking things will change (based on denial)
  • They believe they will not be able to find anything better (for a variety of reasons)
  • They believe they are lucky to have the job they have – that it may have benefits other jobs don’t (better vacation, better hours, better pay, or a prestigious or coveted position)
  • They need their health insurance

For many, the word “work” brings up images of toil and drudgery, dread, and feelings of entrapment. It is often seen as something you have to do, rather than something you want to do.

In reality, our work or career is meant to be our livelihood – something that produces joy, passion, and abundance in our lives. It should create a perpetual flow of energy that is both given and received each time we engage in it.

Ideally, our livelihood should define us and radiate the values and purpose that are important to us. In other words, our ideal vocation reflects who we are and what we stand for – either directly or indirectly.

So if you’re just punching in, putting in your time, and collecting your paycheck, you may be missing out on something more exciting and purposeful!

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