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Finding a great career is a big deal. If you’re like most people, you want to find work that complements your life rather than competing with it! Because we spend so many hours of our life working, it’s important to find something that not only pays the bills, but also is enjoyable and personally meaningful.

To effectively compete in the world of work and land the job you want, you need career tools that provide you with the competitive edge. The following pages will provide you with the best information on the following topics:

Career Success Articles

Career Planning
Your best career success begins with the career planning process. Assessment tools help clarify career goals and identify a good fit for our individual lifestyles. Understanding your personal values and goals is the first step in moving toward work you love.

Career Resource Tools
There are a number of great resources for locating employment opportunities, including job fairs, career centers, employment agencies, online job banks, and newspapers. Make sure you maximize your job search opportunities by utilizing all the resources available to you.

Employment Applications
Are you filling out your job applications correctly? Learn about the top mistakes people make when filling out job applications.

Cover Letter
Learn to design a winning cover letter and market yourself more effectively with a simple cover letter format and basic cover letter tips.

Resume Help
The resume help pages can help you design a top-notch document for competing in today’s job market.

Job Interview
Learn about the different types of job interviews, and how to effectively prepare for each type.

Personal Presentation Skills
How you present yourself has a big impact on your ability to secure the job you want. When you dress for success, make sure you polish your physical appearance, your attitude, and your self-confidence!

Professional Resume Services
In today's tough job market, your career success may depend on using a professional resume service to skillfully position you as a top contender.

Career Worksheets
Need more tools for success? Check out our career worksheet section.

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