Easy Cover Letter Format

If you need a great cover letter, but aren’t sure how to create one, check out the easy cover letter format below. Creating a top-notch letter is simple with the right format because it keeps you organized and on topic!

It’s important to remember that a professional cover letter needs to be short and to the point, yet still include enough details to engage the reader. One of the biggest mistakes people make is including too much information. Remember - your goal is to immediately grab the reader’s interest and consider you for a job interview, so get straight to the point with just enough teasers to incite a careful read of your enclosed resume.

Use the simple 3-section style outlined below to create your own professional documents. This format can be adapted to just about any job description.

How To Write A Cover Letter

Section One
Begin your letter with a brief introduction of yourself. Let the reader know what job opening you are interested in, and why you have a particular interest in that position.

Section Two
Here is where you will briefly describe your qualifications for the position. Mention any relevant education and experience – but keep it brief! You should never include a long list of everything that is in your resume!

Make sure you state why you feel your qualifications are a good match with the company’s needs. Using one or two clear examples of how your experience fits in is a good way to compel the reader to look closely at your other job application material.

Section Three
Use this section to request an interview!

At first glance, this basic cover letter format may seem over-simplified, but it is one of the most effective means to creating a top-notch document too complement your resume.

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