Employment Applications

Are employment applications really necessary if you are submitting a resume? Absolutely!

A job application form is a tool used by employers for various purposes. Depending on the employer’s purpose for the application, you may be required to fill out an application prior to a job interview, after an interview, or not at all.

Although an application may require only basic information, or seem like a mere formality, it is important to realize the importance of filling out applications correctly in order to maximize your chances of landing the job!

Function of the Job Application Form

By far, the largest complaint about employment applications is that they seem to request information that you have already included in your resume. But, redundant as they may seem, applications offer an excellent way for you to cinch up the job!

In order to understand how even a simple job application can increase your chances of landing the job, it’s important to understand the role it plays for the employer.

The most common reasons for using an application form are 1) to gather basic background information about applicants, 2) to standardize that information, 3) to compare applicants, and 4) to screen-out applicants.

Screening Out Applicants

When it comes to the comparison and the screening-out of applicants, the application functions largely as a pre-employment test. In other words, it may be used to measure your performance potential.

An employer can infer many things about your from your application, including

  • Your ability to attend to detail
  • Your ability to follow directions
  • Your ability & willingness to complete tasks, including the mundane
  • The level of pride you take in yourself and your work

Don't let yourself be screened-out! Make sure you put your best foot forward whenever you fill out employment applications !

Ask yourself what you are being evaluated on.

And don't forget to include a cover letter with your application! It pays to be prepared!

Remember...the employer is looking for someone who can do the job, and do it well!

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