The Fundamentals of Success

Keys to Personal Development

There are many versions of the Fundamentals of Success.

There are countless books and seminars on the subject, often purporting to be a new discovery, a new technique, or a valuable shortcut to effortlessly achieving your goals.

In reality, the core principles are the same today as they have been for generations – they are only expressed differently, and emphasize different aspects of the tried and true formula for success.

Here are some of the most basic tenets of the fundamentals of success:

Definiteness of Purpose
In other words - you know what you want and why you want it!

  • Make sure you have clearly defined goals and values
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
  • Devote your full potential to your purpose - give 100%

Follow Your Passion
Everyone knows it’s much easier to complete tasks that are enjoyable.

  • Make sure you align your purpose with your passion

Dreams become intentions when we fully commit to them by making them a priority in our lives!

Take Full Responsibility for Your Life
Part of fully committing to achieving your goals is deciding you will no longer accept any excuses, even if they seem justified. Even when something appears to have been done “to” us, our final responsibility rests in how we react to the situation.

  • Consider that every thought we have and action we take impacts our lives and the lives of others on some level
  • True success begins we accept full responsibility for every detail of our lives.

Master Your Beliefs
Without belief in yourself, you will not succeed!

  • Get clear on the beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • Use effective techniques like EFT and NLP to master your fear and eliminate doubts.

Surround Yourself with Positive People
Surround yourself with those who see the glass as half-full, not half-empty! These people are walking examples of how to begin practicing the fundamentals of success.

  • Passion, purpose, and productivity thrive in positive environments!
  • Eliminate negative environments and toxic relationships

Act the Part
The subconscious mind perceives imagined events as if they are real.

Try this experiment: Close your eyes and imagine yourself reaching for a lemon, slicing it open, and bringing it to your mouth for a taste.

Let your imagination fully experience the sight, the feel, the sound, the smell, and the taste as if you were actually cutting the lemon open and tasting it.

Chances are that if you fully engaged your imagination in each step and each sensation, that your mouth is now watering as if you had truly carried out the act rather than just imagining it.

  • Manifest positive intention by acting as if you already have achieved what you want.

Take Action!
Use effective goal-setting strategies, and develop an action plan

  • Careful planning is important – but action is vital!
  • When your goals are truly a priority, you will find yourself consistently taking action on them

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude
Success is highly contingent upon the frame of mind with which we approach every thought, every act.

  • Our thoughts determine our reality.
  • Expectations of negativity and failure will absolutely produce negativity and failure.
  • Make a habit of choosing a winning attitude at all times.

Model Successful People
Success doesn’t just happen. People who are successful follow basic fundamentals of success.

  • Avoid making common success mistakes by observing the habits, attitudes, and behavior of successful people and incorporating them into your everyday life.

Consider Your Failures To Be Successes
Remember that every “failure” is actually a springboard for future success. We learn through experience - consider the knowledge you gain when you make a mistake and use it as an opportunity to move forward!

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