Holiday Planning Tips
to Reduce Stress

Make wise use of your time and energy during the holiday season
with these simple holiday planning tips.

For many people, the holiday season is not only busy, but can add incredible stress to everyday living.

It's the time of year when we strive to please others, and sometimes that can lead to inadvertently violating our own boundaries, standards, and plans during the process.

Planning for both the expected and the unexpected is key in minimizing emotional and financial upsets during the season. Use the holiday planning tips below to create your holiday roadmap for success.

Decide on Objectives
& Set Personal Boundaries

Recognize what things are most important to you during this time of year.

• Giving gifts
• Decorating
• Entertaining
• Socializing (attending parties and events)
• Spending time with family
• Reflecting on holiday meaning
• Other ________________________

Don't get roped into attending or holding events that you'd really rather not participate in! Learning to say "no" to the demands of others is especially important because failing to do so can drain our energy and cause frustration, overwhelm, and inner resentment toward others.

Create A Calendar of Events

Keep track of where you need to be and what you need to do. Using a large desk or wall calendar is a great way to keep the entire household on track and prevent schedule overload. Don't forget to include everyday tasks as well – having it all listed will ensure you don't overlook something important.

Delegate Responsibility

Don't attempt to do everything yourself! Assign shopping, meal planning, decorating, bill paying, cleaning, and other various tasks to others. A gentle way to do this is to create a sign-up list and let others choose their contribution.

Holiday Gift Budget

Draw up a budget and stick with it. Better yet, purchase your gifts before the season begins. You can still enjoy wrapping them once the season begins.

If money is an issue, consider giving homemade gifts instead of store-bought items. Baked goods, handmade crafts, or personal services you can provide are great ideas.

Holiday Meal Planning

Even if you're not planning to entertain, you'll likely have less time for everything during this time of the year. When it comes to meals, these holiday planning tips can help you simplify and save time and money.

Create a meal plan calendar
Pre-planning meals, from simple to exquisite, is key to saving time and money. Consider how you can recycle leftovers into fun and delicious subsequent meals.

Create a shopping list
Make sure you have what you need on hand to avoid running to the store at the last minute. Better yet, check your local grocery ads for sales and create your meal plan and shopping list in accordance.

Enlist help
Don't be afraid to ask guest or family member to share a special dish, or to arrive early to help prepare the meal. Sharing the work is a great way to lighten your load and spend quality time together.

Create A Holiday Self-Care Plan

  • Consider the things that either boost or drain your energy levels.
  • Set aside time each day to take care of yourself.
  • Create a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it.
  • Eat right and get daily exercise.

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