Positive Change Hypnosis Techniques

Use positive change hypnosis techniques to overcome
limiting beliefs, procrastination, negative thinking, and destructive habits.

"Hypnotherapy" is a fast, pain-free way to implement lasting positive change in your life.

These methods are effective in eliminating just about any type of unwanted habits, behaviors, and fears.

How Do Hypnosis Techniques Work?

If you've ever tried to make permanent changes in your life through the use of will power alone, you know how defeating it can be.

This is because the conscious mind is capable of storing only small amounts of information that it can use in the immediate moment. All other information goes straight into the subconscious mind – a giant storehouse where information is accessed automatically, without the need to bring it into conscious awareness.

Consider the example of driving a car. When you first learned to drive, it was awkward trying to attend to all the small tasks involved in driving - using the pedals, watching the road, monitoring your speed, and maintaining a smooth ride – because it demanded all your conscious attention. Through practice, however, these multiple actions became automated and stored in the subconscious memory.

In order for change to be lasting, it must occur at the subconscious level of the mind, where our automatic maps of how to behave and react are stored.

What Is The Critical Faculty?

Unfortunately, a feature of the critical mind called the critical faculty works tirelessly to monitor new information before it enters the subconscious mind, and rejects anything that does not match up with previously stored beliefs and experiences. In other words, if there is disparity between a conscious desire and a subconscious belief, it is quite easy for the information to be rejected by the critical faculty and therefore never integrated into the subconscious.

Hypnosis techniques are specific ways to work with the subconscious mind to bypass the critical faculty and the old, outdated messages that play in the background of our minds, outside our conscious awareness. These methods work by creating a highly focused state of attention in the subject through the use of various inductions and deepening techniques designed to relax the critical, thinking part of the mind enough to allow new information to be integrated into the subconscious.

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