Job Interview Success

Job interview success begins with effective preparation. Although you will generally not know what questions you will be asked, there are concrete steps you can take to boost your performance.

Job Interview Tips

Become familiar with the different types of job interviews.
Understanding the dynamics of different types of interviews can help you know what to expect, even when you don’t know the questions you will be asked. There is nothing more unbalancing that walking into a panel interview when you are expecting a traditional one-on-one meeting, or not knowing how to handle behavioral interview questions.

Know your own stuff inside and out!
One of the most effective ways to prepare for an interview is to thoroughly review your own credentials. By becoming an expert on all aspects of your skills and experience, you increase your ability to speak fluently and confidently during your meeting. Ideally you will have done most of this prep work when preparing your resume. However, additional review is always suggested, especially if you’ve had someone else prepare your resume for you.

Review the most common interview questions.
Most one-on-one meetings follow a common line of questioning. Look at the most common questions you may be asked, and learn how to answer them.

Prepare answers for behavioral interview questions.
Behavioral questions can be a disaster if you aren’t thoroughly prepared. Make sure you understand how this process works, and how you can best prepare for it.

Maintain a positive attitude.
Few things carry us in life as much as a positive attitude. Make sure you look and feel upbeat before your meeting. Use positive language and avoid any negative comments about personal issues or previous employment. It’s important to speak positively about your experiences, even if you were unhappy with some of your situations. Learn to reframe negative experiences and focus on positivity.

Dress for success.
First impressions matter. Make sure you dress in a professionally, regardless of the type of job you are applying for. If the position you are applying for is not a suit-and-tie position, consider “business casual” attire.

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