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Key to Success

The Law of Attraction has received a lot of attention during the past year, due in part to the 2006 release of Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret. Yet, these principles have actually been used for centuries by both ordinary and extraordinary people, to achieve goals and create success in all areas of life.

The Key to Success

The Law of Attraction is about using intention to bring the people, things, and situations we want into our lives. Very simply put, it states that we create our own reality by what we choose to focus on.

"Our consistent thoughts become our reality"
- Gary Craig, founder of EFT

For many people, this concept is a new one, because it involves thinking in a way they were never taught to think. It implies that we can direct the outcome of our lives by choosing our thoughts.

How Does It Work?

There are many explanations for the Law of Attraction, but the most basic one is that when we choose to direct our thoughts and energy in a very specific direction, we are more capable of bringing about the specific result we want.

There is no better way to “say yes to success” than to actively participate in the Law of Attraction.

Although the law is always at play, we can increase the amount of success we create in our lives by actively working with it.

The Law of Attraction puts us back in charge of our own lives.

When we choose to direct our thoughts and energy in a specific direction, we eliminate meandering and counter-productiveness.

We eliminate worry and the focus on negativity and stress. We choose the path we take. We stay focused on the direction we choose to move in.

When we focus on achieving what it is we want in life, we naturally move in that direction. But if we consistently worry about fear, lack, or poverty, those are the things that will take root in our lives, because that is what we are emphasizing with our thoughts.

Learning to direct our thoughts and energy into more positive directions is not always easy. It involves retraining the brain on both the conscious and the subconscious levels. Often when we try to make changes on the conscious level, the subconscious can interfere in the form of unexpected self-sabotage.

Restructure Your Language

One of the best ways to get started with the Law of Attraction is by employing the conscious use of positive language. When you restructure your language, you restructure your outcomes. By moving toward a language of success, you can change the way you respond to situations in life.

One of the most important things to become aware of is how you speak. As a general rule, people tend to focus on what they don’t want, rather than what they do want. This creates a negative reference for the subconscious mind that affects our unconscious expectations of ourselves.

For example, when we say we are going to eliminate debt and reverse our money problems, we are still using references to what we don’t want. Instead, we need to change our language structure so that we are creating positive references, such as “create wealth” or “increase money flow.”

You can begin to work with the Law of Attraction by becoming more conscious of how your thoughts set the pace for the outcomes you are generating in your life. It’s important to train the subconscious in positive language, and to set clear and specific goals for what you want out of life.

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