Is Your Success Map Built with
the Principles of Time Management?

Success Map

Mastering the principles of time management is vital to achieving your goals. To effectively manage our lives, we must learn to make good use of the hours we have available to us each day.

What's the big deal?
When we fail to understand the principles of time management, we get derailed from our goals, and inevitably become trapped in the vicious cycle of prioritizing our crises - which can quickly add more stress to our already over-scheduled lives!

Changing the Outcome
The good news is that we can alter the course of our day, eliminate excess stress, and change the way we think and feel about our lives by implementing a good time management plan.

Basic Time Management Planning
Your Steps to Success

The basic principles of time management planning are simple and straightforward fundamentals of success.

1 - Clarity of purpose.
In order to effectively use your time, you must know with certainty what you want to use it for. Start with some specific goals for each area of your life. Consider your ideal life. Create a written success map to guide you with your vision.

2 - Evaluate your current use of time.
To make better use of your time, it’s important to identify patterns of procrastination and avoidance that negatively impact your ability to move forward with your goals. A useful tool is Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix.

3 - Identify and work with fear and limiting beliefs.
Our patterns of procrastination and avoidance are intrinsically linked to our fear and limiting beliefs. Once you identify your emotional roadblocks, you can quickly and effectively eliminate them with holistic healing tools, such as EFT, NLP, and hypnosis techniques.

4 - Create a written plan for your daily and weekly activities.
Plan to succeed by charting your daily and weekly activities in a journal, day planner, palm pilot, or other planning software.

Try to choose a medium based on simplicity, ease of use, portability, and your level of comfort.

Avoid the frustration of trying to learn to use complicated software or electronic gadgets while you are mastering the basics of effective planning. You can always graduate up to more comprehensive planners once you have mastered the basics, and your level of comfort increases.

5 - Prioritize your activities.
This is the area where the most crucial planning mistakes occur. Make sure you have accurately assessed what your top priorities are. Activities related to achieving your goals must receive your attention first!

Avoid trying to get all the “little” to-do list things out of the way first – unexpected “emergencies” will only multiply throughout the day and you will soon be back to the position of simply prioritizing your crises and not being able to keep up.

Instead, allocate a specific block of time during each week where you manage the must-do tasks so they do not interrupt you throughout the rest of the week. And be prepared to give up some of the less important activities altogether.

Remember, success mistakes are certain when we fail to master effective planning! Always begin with a vision of the life you really want to live!

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