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Sound and movement tools are a quick and easy way to rejuvenate and balance your energy system. These simple self-care techniques provide a joyful way to recharge our batteries when we find ourselves tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, or burned-out by the constant rush of modern, day-to-day life.

Sound and movement tools provide natural ways for energy to move through the body. Our ancestors used sound and movement to synthesize the inner and outer worlds. These amazing mind-body practices are some of the most powerful transformational tools available.

They have been used throughout the ages both for celebration, and as holistic healing tools

Their purpose has been to both sustain and celebrate life. Their language is universal.

To our ancestors, singing, dancing, and making music were as vital to life as eating and breathing.

Yet these powerful practices are often minimized or over-looked in our busy, highly modern and technical world. In fact, we are often self-conscious about singing or dancing where we might be seen or heard by others!

We sing mindlessly to the radio as we commute to and from work, and we listen to music while we work, but we rarely sing as a mindful practice. And dancing has been relegated to night clubs and special entertainment events.

Yet if we pay close attention to ourselves, we will generally find we have a natural inclination to express ourselves through song and dance, regardless of our ability to carry a tune or coordinate our movements. Fear of criticism and ridicule are big factors in suppressing public singing and dancing. It’s important to remember that when we sing or hum under our breath, or stifle our movements so as not to appear out of place, we do not derive the full therapeutic benefits of sound and movement.

Therapeutic Benefits

Song, dance, and music-making are highly therapeutic mind-body practices. They promote healing and relaxation on all levels of our being – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. They release natural endorphins into our system and help regulate serotonin and norepinephrine levels that help us function optimally.

Sound and movement tools give us the ability to naturally express the energy of motion and emotion through the human body. These simple transformational tools help us clear issues and balance our systems through energetic release. The release of stressful energy gives way to an abundance of refreshing and revitalizing energy.

Types of Practices

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Practice uninhibited singing in the shower
  • Gather friends around a fire for informal group singing
  • Practice whistling a jazzy tune
  • Engage in vocal toning each morning
  • Practice moving your body to music with the sole intent of stretching and releasing - try rolling around on the floor each morning, or before going to bed
  • Participate in a drumming event

Using these sound and movement tools does not require special skills or knowledge – although there are some helpful guidelines! It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to use these basic transformational tools. Song, dance, and music-making are as individual as we are.

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