Struggling With Lack of Ambition

How to Bring Yourself Back From
the Brink of the Void

Are you struggling with lack of ambition?

If you're feeling listless and unmotivated, it may be due to
what you're not doing rather than what you are doing!

For many people, 21st century living means juggling multiple responsibilities that can contribute to fatigue, overwhelm, depression, and procrastination. All of these things, in turn, contribute to inaction.

One way to break out of this pattern is to analyze what you are struggling with. Lack of ambition takes many forms, and uncovering hidden patterns and limiting beliefs is a key component of moving forward.

Steps to Success

Although apathy, overwhelm, and depression can often eclipse the drive to succeed, it's important to examine and begin working with your areas of inaction.

Understand your values.
Spending the majority of our time doing things that aren't personally meaningful can halt our ambition in its tracks.

Clarifying personal values can help put things in perspective, and is the first step for setting up an action plan for success.

Understand your priorities and motivations.
Are you actively working with your dreams, goals, and intentions?

An important aspect of self-motivation is engaging with your inner passion, whether it is doing work you love, spending time with your family, or enjoying your favorite hobby. Too often we get stuck in the rut of serving others' agendas rather than our own, and are left feeling burned out and apathetic.

Begin by analyzing the things you want in life. To determine what things may be holding you back, try some of our personal development worksheets.

Be sure to include a time management assessment to help you understand creative ways to include your own priorities amidst those of others.

Examine your unconscious reasons for not moving forward.
Too often we hold disabling unconscious opinions of ourselves, our abilities, and perceived consequences of our actions.

Identifying limiting beliefs can help you understand why you may be failing to take action on the things that are important to you. Fear, misinformation, inaccurate perceptions, and secondary gain can all be unconscious culprits that stop you in your tracks.

Our Identifying Patterns of Procrastination worksheet can help you further identify your unique "stoppers" and provide insight about why you may be struggling with lack of ambition.

Engaging in a goal-setting process can help you focus your attention on moving forward by creating attainable goals.

Finally, be sure to develop a good set of self-care tools to support you through reclaiming your motivation and energy levels.

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