Working With The Inner Critic

If you allow your Inner Critic to bombard you with negativity, doubt, and criticism on a daily basis, it will impede your ability to concentrate on positive and productive things, such as your dreams, goals, and intentions. Left unchecked, your Inner Critic will continue to create self-sabotage by undermining your belief in your ability to succeed.

Follow Your Own Success Map!

To get to where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need to stop listening to your Inner Critic and follow your own success map. This means you will need to say no to this intrusive internal judge, and employ positive change tactics to eliminate the negative internal comments, and stop the self-sabotage.

Personal Development Tools

There are many effective positive change tools and techniques available for working with your internal judge. Here are a few that I have found to be most effective:


These holistic healing tools can help you effectively disengage from the Judge’s attack so you can get to the core issues behind the criticism. It is only by disengaging from our reactive ego that we are able to accomplish this. As long as we remain identified with the criticism, the Judge has the power to change strategies and continue to devalue and debilitate us.

In addition to the above tools, here are some simple steps for working with your internal judge:

1) Bring your negative self-talk to a level of consciousness.
Become aware of when your internal judge shows up, and what its negative messages are. Its power to remain in control lies in its ability to operate in your unconscious.

2) Evaluate your natural responses to your internal judge’s criticism.
What types of emotions does the criticism evoke? (sadness, apathy, anger, disgust, etc.). How do your emotional reactions negatively impact your ability to believe in yourself and move forward toward your goals?

3) Ask the Judge what the purpose of its message is.
What is it trying to protect your Inner Child from? Try to get to the core issues (fear, pain, shame, abandonment, loss, deprivation, acceptance/rejection, safety, etc).

EFT, visualization, positive change journaling, and sub-personality dialoguing are excellent tools for quickly uncovering core emotional issues and facilitating the healing process.

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